MLN is proud to offer accounting, bookkeeping, business consulting and tax preparation as well as QuickBooks set-up, clean-up, training and consulting.  We are located in the heart of Gwinnett County, Georgia. Our dedicated team focuses on providing our clients with the most professional financial service at reasonable rates. 

Top 3 Reasons to switch from the national tax chains to a personal accountant you can trust. 

 #1. Questionable ever-changing tax preparers

Many of the preparers at the national chains take one tax course and then begin preparing taxes. The next year when you return chances of seeing the same preparer are slim.  You should feel confident your taxes are being prepared accurately.  At MLN, your taxes will be prepared by a highly educated and trained accountant with over 15 years experience.

#2. Outrageous Fees

The national chains apply so many tricks and gimmicks to get you in the door and then stick you with a fat invoice.  At MLN, our fees are very reasonable and always below the national tax chain.  We also offer a service that allows you to get your tax return prepared with no money out of pocket!  We simply deduct our fees from your tax refund.

#3. No Help After April 15th

Just about all chains lock their doors after April 15th.  If you need assistance or have a question, you are out of luck until the next tax season roll around.  At MLN, we are accessible year round to help you.